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Keith and I holding a Florida orange!
I took a vacation to Florida during the last week of December.

It. Was. A. Blast!
I traveled with my partner, Keith, and our close friends, John and Angie.
We are all from Ohio, but what made this vacation nice was that our friends have been frequenting Florida for decades and knew a little something about the Sunshine State. Keith and I never set foot in Florida and were excited to see what the “sunshine state” had to offer!
We were not let down!
Our trip to Florida provided us with a huge opportunity to see all sorts of things in an environment other than our own.
We traveled nearly 5,000 miles in 10 days. We were up and down the state and side to side. We stopped at beaches on both the east and west coast and even at the very end of the road in Key West.
As we journeyed to Florida by car we had the opportunity to see nature at its finest! And we did! I have the photos to prove it.
I decided to start a blog and not just share the photos I took from our Florida vacation (anyone can post a vacation photo) but to dig deeper into the objects frozen in the picture and discover something new and interesting about the Sunshine State.
My goal is to share the beauty of Florida through the eyes of an Ohioan.
Florida has a lot of beauty…and history….and legends…and hero’s…and wonder!

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